And my love increased and seemed to expand unto the very ends of the earth, and then to go on to fill a world and reach on out across the universe and play a melody upon the stars.  p 31

The very power of the heart, soul and mind united in this overwhelming love of devotion and joy turns the key and fulfills all the laws, opening wide the doors to all light, all power and perfection.  p 227

Stand with me upon the very threshold of light and view its rising splendor — and know that you, yourself are the door into it.  p 33

Oh, glorious man, son of God, step forth and claim thy birthright, for it is waiting for thee HERE and NOW.  p 180

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It takes great courage to stand alone against the world, to live true to your destiny and calling for the simple reason that so few have dared to step forth and live their own lives in the complete freedom in the perfection of God’s sublime direction.  p 203

Only the approval of that inner voice matters in anyone’s life. No outside opinion counts, for the full, glorious pattern of each individual’s life is enfolded minutely within that seed of all-knowing, locked waiting within each man’s soul.  p 203

Annalee Skarin was born in American Falls, Idaho on the 7th of July, 1899, she was the seventh of twelve children.

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Then one learns that the heart is not just a physical organ in a mortal body. He will learn that it is the most divinely constructed microphone ever created, a microphone into which he can speak and God will hear instantly.  p 293

As one continues to practice this divine melody of love he will learn that every organ of his body was created Spiritually first and has a Spiritual function to perform.  p 294

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No one can live your life for you, for only you hold the key to your own pattern of sublime glorious, complete fulfillment.  p 23

Visualize the thing you desire to become, hold it in your mind continually. Never let doubts and fears come like vile noxious weeds to crowd out and kill your crop. Cultivate it. Believe it, and you shall receive it.  p 47

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The power of God is as great today as it was when He said, ‘Let there be light, and there was light!’ p 32

And anyone who can attain unto this condition of perfect, unruffled peace, glorifying, Christ-like love is abiding in heaven.  p 306

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To keep His words mean to live by them — or at least to keep them alive in the chambers of “inner knowing” until they are perfectly comprehended.  p 104

Do not let it worry you because a woman was the scribe. God has said, “I will use the weak and foolish things to confound the wise.” He has only kept His word.  p 293

These are quotations from Annalee’s first book, Ye Are Gods.                                                 

Annalee Skarin and the Logan Temple

Reason and Annalee Skarin, courtesy J. Willard Marriott Library, The University of Utah, Special Collections, Hope Hilton Papers.


As each day unfolds we have the power to gather it into our arms, to bless it, to glorify God for letting us live it, instead of permitting it to live us, as is so often the case.  Then with blessing the day we seal it with glory and send it forth to glorify God forever.  Then when evening gathers her silver shadows, we can send the day on into eternity a glorified light because our lives touched it, our souls caressed it, and because we lived it.  This is our power, to transmute each day to the glory of God — so shall every condition of our lives be transmuted into glory and we shall become the children of light.  p 143

And to be still does not mean a dead, dull, sleepy, stupid stillness. It is a condition of silence in which the conscious, warring, doubting mind learns to be quiet, attentive listening of the soul in which one learns to hear the voice of the Spirit of Almighty God — the stillness in which the ego, outer-self is forgotten — the stillness in which one learns to KNOW that God is God, and is known of Him, and becomes one with Him.  p 234